24 Hour U-Fill Station
(shown above)
Takes $1, quarters, dimes & nickels.
DOES NOT ACCEPT $5, $10, or $20.
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U-Fill Alkaline Water
$7.50 (5 gallons), $1.50 (1 gallon)
(available inside only)

U-Fill Reverse Osmosis Water
$2.50 (5 gallons), $0.50 (1 gallon)
We have a variety of coolers to
choose from including "cook n'
cold" (C/C) and "hot n' cold"
(H/C) coolers.
C/C :  $179.99
H/C :  $199.99
Crock & Stand : $70.00

Bottle purchase $10.00 per bottle
For more information, please select
one of the dispensers.
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