We have a variety of coolers to
choose from including "cook n' cold"
and "hot n' cold" coolers.

Call for availability.
All bottled coolers are available in two varieties:

"Cook & Cold" (C/C)
~ or ~
"Hot & Cold" (H/C)

C/C coolers dispense room temperature and cold water from two
separate faucets.  The C/C cooler allows users to maintain the
cold water in the reservoir while using the room temperature water
faucet to fill a large cooking pot or coffee pot.

Most H/C coolers dispense cold and hot water.  The hot water is
perfectly heated for hot tea, hot chocolate or soup.  The H/C
cooler is considered child friendly because the hot water faucet
has a locking mechanism to prevent accidental burns. Some H/C
coolers include a third faucet for room temperature water.