Our best selling design is
featured here, but there are
many more to choose from.
Purchase a 2.5 gallon
porcelain crock and natural
oak stand for only $40.00.
(stand is an additional $30.00).
Blue Double Strip Crock
Green Double Strip Crock
Do you have a themed
kitchen and need a special
crock to add to your home or
Do you want your crock to
reveal something about your
interests & hobbies?
We have what you want!
You can choose from our selection at our storefront to
rent or if you want to buy a crock, we can special order
from a vast array of designs to specially suit your needs.
Stop by to visit or call us today!
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Don't want a bottle on top of your crock? Need it
to fit easily on your counter top?
Get a lid to keep your water pure & dust free for
only $8.00!
(Shown in pictures.)
Helpful Hint:  We recommend that you use the 3 gallon bottles with any of the clear glass
crocks, as they are not able to withstand the same weight as the porcelain crocks.
Currently Available Crocks
Navy Blue Double Strip (shown above)
Blue Single Strip (square shaped)
Solid Black
Solid Navy Blue
Solid White
Solid White (square shaped)

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Currently not available.