The benefits of the Fleck 5600 Series

~Uses substantially less water for regeneration

~Unique "seperable" design allows for quick, easy maintenance

~Rugged Noryl construction for years of trouble-free operation

~Longer, stronger injector and screen caps for better operation

~Redesigned valve discs ensure positive, long-lasting sealing

~Streamlined interior allows for better flow rates

~No moving parts in the water stream helps prevent fouling

~Flapper-type valves assure a leaktight, static seal

~Internal bypass allows for water usage while regeneration
Quality SpringSoft Products

Our complete line of softening equipment is just
what you need to fix your "trouble" water.  If you
experience staining, scaling, soap scum, or other
effects of hard water; our products can help and
can even save you real money!
Softened water allows you to get more use from the
soaps, detergents and other cleaning aids that you
use daily in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry.  You
can use less soap and get your clothes cleaner
and softer, your hair silky smooth, and your dishes
and glassware sparkling clean and clear.

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Fleck 5600 Series
Black jacket is shown.
We sell the Fleck with a blue jacket.
Specifications for Fleck 5600
Capicity:  40,000 grain
Flow rate:  25 gpm
Size:  softener (56" tall x 1 sq. ft.)
tank (16" x 16" x 36")
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